Centre Philosophy


Morayfield Early Education is located amongst the rural back drop of Morayfield, allowing for a relaxed atmosphere and providing access to nature and incorporating the natural elements into our curriculum.

As a committed team of qualified and well experienced Educators we pride ourselves on having trustworthy, friendly and warm relationships that enable children, educators, families and agencies alike to have a sense of belonging.

Here at Morayfield Early Education we encourage all children to have a positive attitude by encouraging them to participate in learning experiences that focus on having a greener and more sustainable future.

We do this by our veggie gardens and fruit trees that our children tend to by watering daily and weeding when necessary. We are currently engaging on our recycling journey by creating scrap buckets for compost and recycling and we have our very own worm farm that the children use the castings to help our gardens thrive. We have recently purchased a water tank that will assist children and educators to embed sustainable practices in all areas of our outdoor areas and into our daily curriculum.

We also have our wonderful Centre pet Winston-Flynn, Winston has been a valued member of our family since he was six months of age, having a centre pet allows the children to have an awareness of living creatures and also fosters children’s capacity to respect animals with in our environment.

We have made connections with the “Gubbi Gubbi” people; the traditional owners of this land, encouraging sharing of traditions and cultures via interactive workshops. From these workshops we have implemented a “Kippa” – bush tucker garden, created a mural using ochre, learnt “Wunya” Gubbi Gubbi for hello and goodbye, embedding awareness of our countries cultural heritage and traditions.

As role models we model positive and good behaviour at all times, we respect all our children as individuals and embrace and celebrate their family culture and tradition. As a team we pride ourselves on getting behind our local and wider community and raise much needed awareness and funds for a range of different charities. Due to eye conditions affecting some of our children we have become the proud parents to a little of Guide Dog Puppies, supporting their development and resources to assist them in becoming the eyes for Queenslanders who are vision impaired.

All Educators use warm tones with all the children and we get down to the children’s level, when any child shows signs of distress we show them genuine love, comfort and support.

We have a relaxed atmosphere where we have conversations with our families and children and their values. Ideas and input is included in our curriculum and daily routines.

We build strong relationships with each child, we support their individual needs, all children are truly valued and accepted and all educators ensure that all children are able to have full participations in our routines, curriculum and journeys that we embark on as a centre.

Our meals are nutritionally prepared by Miss Tracey, our centre cook. These meals include the five food groups and our meal times are a relaxed and unhurried time of the day where the children and educators share a meal and have rich conversations. Our centre also provides Halal approved meat to embrace of families cultures. Children have the opportunity to partake in progressive meal times. All children are educated on the importance of healthy eating.

We thrive on and encourage all families and friends to be an active part of our service, we are proud of our warm, friendly and open relationships, we respect and value family opinions and parental roles and include all families in decision making.

Families are informed of any changes that may occur, events, celebrations or happenings throughout the service. Families are supported when needed and arrange support/guidance when and if needed with links to community agencies. Participating in the local show by entering the centre’s art work, designed and created by the children.

We embrace our local community and encourage participation by attending local school fetes, family fun days, farmer markets, our local Anzac Day Parade and the 4KQ Christmas lights that we proudly won in 2015 and 2016. We also have one centre sporting team, our Grand Final Champions MEE SQUAD Soccer Team which is made of both families and Educators.

We look forward to seeing you here as part of our family at Morayfield Early Education where we pride ourselves on providing lifelong learning in an atmosphere where children have a strong sense of being, belonging and becoming.